• Graphic Design expertise.

    Send your company message and image out – the same, everytime. So your customers recognise you everytime and anywhere they may be. Design, development and creation of business brands.
  • Website expertise.

    Design, development and creation of websites. Catch your customers buying attention.
  • Marketing expertise.

    Feel free to take this marketing information and work with it to help your business goals.
  • Creative Graphic Design, Web Development, services and advice.

  • Real Estate Sales Collateral Design & Development.

    • Design Studio for Your Real Estate Career.

      A design studio service creating marketing items for Getting Into Real Estate. To boost your career and give you the tools you need to market yourself. You will need marketing collateral that helps to promote and communicate you to your customers, here are the tools you will need. These tools are talked about by Real Estate Industry coaching and mentoring sources. Systems by Peter Gilchrist, in the John McGrath System, the Harcourts Academy and other Coaching Systems, how they are used depends on the training system you have taken. …

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  • Portfolio of Creative Work.

  • Services supplied to Industry Standards.

  • Information & Resources.

  • Marketing tools for your Business.

  • Testimonials.

    • Hello Dayne, I just want you to know that we appreciate what you have done for us to date.
      The word ‘marketing’ seems too often to inspire companies to offer airy fairy stuff, that comes loaded with large charges, and nothing much that’s practical. In contrast , we have appreciated your down to earth manner, and delivery of product within the lines and scope of what we were requesting. Along with that, there have been no hidden surprises, cost wise – everything has been laid out clearly as we went along.
      It has been refreshing to be given something innovative, and have everything both delivered and followed up in a timely manner.
      Thanks again.

      Subject: service record
    • A lack of knowledge and concern of the cost held me back initially. Letting “a mates kid” have a go at it took some pressure off, when I realized I had “got what he paid for’ I decided to commit and am glad. Dayne’s way of teaching and leading me into adding content and doing things for myself have made me feel confident. Now I can operate the site and are getting orders from all over the country, I have expanded my range sold and increased sales by people just coming in after seeing the website.
      Confident Client
      Website managed well
      Increased sales
      Wider Market
      Increased foot traffic/store visits
      Keen to do more in the future to really get the business going.

      Trevor Grigg, Owner, Dunedin Malthouse.
    • Kind regards and thanks for all you work this year, more to come with good results starting to come!
      Ralph Davies, Owner, Deep South Adventures and Headfirst Travel.

      More to come with good results starting.
    • “The marketing strategy helped us achieve a 25% increase in turnover for the 12 month period and we have continued to employ the services of The Flying Lizard to promote our business. It is satisfying to work on the business with a strategy in place and with the knowledge of how our business fluctuates over a 12 month period”.
      Vicki and Francis Fitzpatrick, Owners, Tonic Bar.

      It is satisfying to work on the business with a strategy in place.
    • “Extensive brand creation and design development for product TINDERZ woodpellets and BIOENERGY EQUIPMENT. Brand strategy implementation and IP work for product TINDERZ and BIOENERGY EQUIPMENT brands.”
      Murray Cowan, General Manager, Ernslaw Bioenergy Ltd, Naseby.

      Brand strategy implementation and IP work
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