Portfolio of work.

Hi, my name is Dayne Smith, my career spans 25+ years in graphic design, web and marketing. Flying Lizard is my working name and I am very proud of all the work that I have done for client businesses.

As your business grows and prospers, so to does the brand of your business. This is the reward that I look for in helping your business.

Please review my work. This page has links to categories of graphic media created over the years. It also showcases a few of the various brands, that have been worked on or created from businesses beginning. The images displayed show what is possible and the creative ideas are infinite. Some businesses have updated their marketing collateral yearly and some businesses have moved on with their business plans, selling up or expanding.

Proud to have worked with a varied range businesses, and that I have been able to help business owners achieve their business goals.

Categories of graphic work for Clients.

Client Showcases.

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