About Dayne Smith & Flying Lizard

Solutions and Services.

Hello, my name is Dayne Smith, my trading name is Flying Lizard. The services I offer are:

  • graphic design.
  • business branding.
  • web graphics.
  • CMS ‘content management’ service.

25+ years of skill.

A total of 25+ years in the communication industry supplying creative skills with 19 years creating web content and web development (a very early adopter), previous to this I trained and worked in graphic design role/s. I began in the ’90’s starting in New Zealand and then in London. I greatly enjoy my trade 🙂

I believe in being a truly helpful provider for your business solutions. Focused on delivering exceptional service covering web site needs, sales tools for teams, social media components and business branding.

By listening to your business goals and then creating communication collateral to a marketing strategy that works for your business plan – I can help your business momentum.

So, what do I do?

My skills range from web content processing. Code adjustments through to graphic layout and publication. Typography and photo editing and manipulation work. I am familiar with Adobe software, various OS and web CMS and coding knowledge.

As a contractor for many years I am quite comfortable helping out in large corporations through to small businesses that need either a website that requires content management both graphically and textual through to extensive web content creation, product list, database updating, field generation and SEO with Search result reporting.

Traditional print collateral is designed and created ready for reproduction, and together with web helps build a business for marketing goals and sales.

Enthusiastic and professional, fitting in well with your company’s team culture, contributing to the ongoing success for your business.

  • Reliable & friendly;
  • Efficient;
  • Movable;
  • Comprehensive.

So, to reach a new audience or pioneer a new product or work more effectively. What do you need?

  • Ask questions about I how work?
  • Ask how much will something cost?
  • Where do I start?

Email Dayne,
design . solutions @ flyinglizard . co . nz
or call on 0064 21 323 244.

I look forward to meeting you and would enjoy having the opportunity to talk with you further, to answer questions, or to discuss requirements and expectations of what is needed, and how I could use my skills to help with your business needs.

Thank you for your time to read my About page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Dayne Smith.