A craft beer bar, Tonic.

Tonic, Otago, NZ.

Reference from business owner

The owners of tonic, a craft beer bar needed a simple marketing plan that would grow custom, build turn over and show that there is more to going out than swilling DB or Lion Nation branded beer. The movement to craft beer was growing when Flying Lizard was approach and New Zealand has great craft and micro breweries up and down the country.

The Flying Lizard set about building a marketing plan, keeping it simple and implementing basic collateral and advertising for the financial year. After 12 months we were able to grow the businesses turn over 25%.

With the GFC/economic recession, a controlled approach was taken to target this figure again or if possible a bit more. The Flying Lizard’s marketing plan is working well, the financial year and the figures are healthy – considering the tightening of customers having ‘a few spare dollars’.

The marketing plan is well one its way for the business owners future needs, of growth and then sale for their own interests.

Highlight promotion – An annual fantastic 2 week beer festival – called bestival of feer, where the bar show cased 24 award winning craft beers from the recent New Zealand Beervana of the year.

Major elements of tonic bar‚ marketing and supplied collateral design include:

Standardized templates for quick turn around posters and promotional items.
Launch into social media – its a bar, it should be a key social player and use new social technologies.
Beer festival with latest music styles.

Here at Flying Lizard, we like helping all sorts of businesses, it is not hard to market your self or your business, just plan it.



Event posters


Bestival of Feer passport


“To Whom It May Concern:

In 2008 we approached Dayne Smith of The Flying Lizard to assist us in marketing tonic. At this point we met to decide a marketing strategy and assign a budget for the next 12 months. We worked closely with Dayne and his team creating the marketing collateral needed for the strategy, including an annual, monthly and weekly event idea and collateral to promote and advertise this. Tools to measure the strategy were put in place along with periodic reviews to gauge turnover which allowed for business planning and growth.

Throughout the year we used The Flying Lizard’s ‘goo™’ product (marketing strategy tools) which was extremely useful in communicating and coordinating the marketing collateral. We found it particularly useful as it allowed us to post messages and jobs outside of normal office hours. Flying Lizard’s team was responsible for producing the marketing collateral and website updates for us and we found the team to be very efficient and able to turn around jobs on often tight deadlines.

The marketing strategy helped us achieve a 25% increase in turnover for the 12 month period and we have continued to employ the services of The Flying Lizard to promote our business. It is satisfying to work on the business with a strategy in place and with the knowledge of how our business fluctuates over a 12 month period.

Please do not hesitate to contact me info@tonicbar.co.nz in person should you wish to discuss the services of The Flying Lizard further.

Yours faithfully,
Vicki and Francis Fitzpatrick”