Rainbow Confectionery Packaging – The beginnings.

Rainbow Confectionery/Innovex Group Limited, Oamaru, NZ.

Efficient and cost minded packaging brand design.

Rainbow Confectionery Ltd. is a New Zealand owned & operated company based in Oamaru and specialising in the manufacture of confectionery, including: gums and jellies, marshmallows, chocolate products. Supplying customers in the route & retail trades for both local and export markets. Their products are smart yet iconic, and their ideas are packed into good packaging examples.

Flying Lizard was asked to work on Rainbow Confectionery product packaging as they needed something to set there product apart from the other similar offerings in this highly competitive standard confectionery market which they could then build upon with an in house marketing department.

We were initially called in to provide simple illustrative images to liven up product packaging, Flying Lizard was then asked to design and supply packaging design for seasonal product ranges for the entire year.

There were various ways that using Flying Lizard benefited the marketing needs.

With a large product range, it was important to use the correct logo and standard product information in terms of branding, product awareness, unit cost and packaging reproduction cost. Our design team proposed a shortlist of creative ideas and provided design information for each option that optimised the Rainbow Confectionery brand to illuminate the product to the required level. The customers final adjustments provided finished designs to able completion of packaging mockups to work in with the sales teams objectives, while using only the budgeted amount originally proposed for the project.

In addition to the functional packaging designs, Flying Lizard provided the overall creative for the rest of the company’s brand, with an eye on time and costs. Rainbow Confectionery’s logo was used were possible to it’s advantages while keeping low reproductions costs to extended the budget.

In certain cases where the correct brand placement was not available because of visual size constraints, we were able to work out a solution that would meet the requirements of brand placement, product packaging effect and budgetary constraints with printing plate colours.

Within a season of the updated packaging design, our customer had received positive feedback on the marketing of there product, with competition companies now using similar design layouts that we achieved, this particular packaging work was far more effective in raising Rainbow Confectionery’s product in the market.

From 2013 Rainbow Confectionery is placed for strong business growth. The client has implimented their internal marketing and communications department and is underway with a very robust and active marketing drive. Flying Lizard wish Rainbow Confectionery well and look forward to seeing this business still around in many years to come.

This portfolio demonstrates how professional brand design, can give a business a competitive edge and who better to provide that design and marketing knowledge than Flying Lizard, who give business momentum.

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