University of Otago undergraduate publications.

Creative design, production knowledge and delivery for a suite of marketing products for the University of Otago Undergraduate Publications.



To Whom It May Concern

This reference for Flying Lizard is based on a 12-month relationship with the agency, which won the contract to work on our substantial group of undergraduate publications.

Flying Lizard has worked closely with us over this period in developing new material as well as ensuring the existing brand standards and guidelines were followed. It was a challenging task and the end result is one we are well pleased with. Within the guidelines, they were able to roll out some new design ideas, which have been incorporated in other work.

The University is a large organization, and the resulting inevitable bureaucracy always makes this kind of work a challenge. The strong client-service focus that Flying Lizard has ensured that despite the delays encountered at our end, the work was always delivered on time with minimum disruption.

Billing was always clearly outlined and where there were changes in estimated work, we always knew in advance what to expect. Equally, where there were any problems we were always aware and kept in touch with how things were being handled.

I am happy to follow up with a conversation if you so desire.

Yours sincerely

Claire Ramsay
Head of Marketing Services
Division of Marketing ond Communications