Why have a website?

With online sales increasing rapidly it is imperative for your business to have a website.

When customers gather information to make a buying decision, a website must be.

  • User friendly on all devices,
  • Content manageable by you,
  • Aware and natural to what the customer is experiencing,

Websites are an important tool to accelerate your business profile, profit and availability. Websites are changing how we conduct business, make sales and communicate with the customer. The future for websites is infinite. So use them as a tool to your sales process which is why it is important to have a content manageable website in your own business control.

You need to allow for growth and change as the web changes. Don’t get caught with proprietary website code unable to quickly change. Realize the website layout will change as your business needs dictate but the content will always be focused on your business. Some of the key focuses for the year ahead include wearable technology, responsive web design, natural user interfaces and a hot topic going forward, mobile security and protecting consumer data.

Around 90 per cent of New Zealanders are expected to own a smartphone by 2018 and over half are already currently using mobile internet from their devices.